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This woman loves cats--seriously. She will go to extraordinary lengths to make certain your kitty is safe and happy. We had a cat who would not let you give him pills a few years ago. She spent hours over several days figuring out how to give him the medicine and was probably the only person on earth who could accomplish this. Also very responsible at minding the house while you are gone (taking in mail, watering plants, etc.) - Parent of Scribbles

Rinda is a well qualified and very loving cat sitter, highly recommended! - Don

We’ve depended on Rin for many years (I’ve lost count) to look after our two cats when we’re out of town. Rin is a genuine cat lover. She really takes an interest in our two nutty cats. When we return from our travels, there is always evidence that they got more playtime with Rin than when we live there. We trust Rin unconditionally. -- Peter and Jan, Royal Oak

I don’t even think my cats ,Thelma and Louise, miss me when i’m gone: they get soooo much love, attention, and play, from Rinda that I fade from memory. Seriously though, with her background as a veterinary technician I have 100% confidence in the care of my 4 legged family - Janice B

Kind, loving prompt - Charlie

Auntie Rin goes the extra mile for her clients. She is 110% trustworthy, caring and attentive. When you go away, there is so much peace of mind in knowing that your cats are well taken care of in your absence. - Mary Ellen T.

Best Cat Sitter around!
Loves what she does and treats the animals as if they were her own!
Awsome!!! - Heather P.

Auntie Rin is the best. I trust her with my crew…including a diabetic cat! -Kredman

I have used Aunty Rin’s service for 5 years now. She is truly a wonderful person that we trust implicitly. She is the best! - Joe G.

My cats are both real fraidy cats who are afraid of almost everyone, but they LOVE Auntie Rin. When I go out of town, I don’t have to worry at all about my cats; they get the best of care with Auntie Rin. - Pam W.

1) She is extremely caring and attentive to my pets, and goes the extra mile to take care of outdoor pets as well.
2) She is extremely reliable. Very trustworthy for long trips, and the first services I have not felt the need to check in on while I’m away from home. That makes my time away from my pets more enjoyable and stress-free.
3) Takes care of several task in each visit, and leaves thorough notes.
4) Great value. She spends quite a bit of time at my house caring for my pets for a low price compared with other services.
5) She loves animals. She follows up and actually cares about my pets and all animals.
6) She is very knowledgeable about pets’ needs and animal care. Very experienced.
7) I would not consider looking elsewhere after having Aunti Rin’s services for quite some time now!
8) My cats actually come out for her, and take medication from her! - Karen H.

She is a professional and caring cat sitter. I trust her implicitly and she has been kind and generous to my very cranky cat! - Amy G.

She is simply the BEST!!! Very reliable and the kitties LOVE her! - Linda G.

Tons of experience, EXTREMELY conscientious, and truly loves kitties! - Charlie's Mom

Auntie Rin loves your cats and is extremely trustworthy! - Becca Schostak

We had a cat that my daughter described in an elementary school paper as “paranoid but misunderstood.” The cat hated everything. When she met Auntie Rin for the first time, the cat went right over to her and started purring. Rin is the true “Cat Hissperer.” - Richard L.

Rinda is just fantastic - like family. She really cares and does a great great job. I have a diabetic cat who needs injections twice daily and I can go away for 3 weeks on a trip and not worry. You won’t find a better pet sitter - period. - Sam S.

She is just amazing! Maybe a “cat whisperer”! She once clipped all my cat’s (4 of them) toenails, my husband and I have trouble and there are two of us!!!
She even picked up one of our rescue cats that will not allow us to. and there is more, when we come home they aren’t mad at us like they used to be with other cat sitters, they used to show their contempt by making an example of their unhappiness in our suitcases if you get my drift! Cyrano,chaplin,little fox and Olive would vote if they had e-mail accounts. - Lorraine P.

Rin is truly passionate about the cats in her care—it shows in the committment that she makes to each and every cat! - Sy Teunseen

A person who is most reliable, knowledgeable, and truly cares about cats. You would not find a better person to take care of your pets. - Cynthia G.



Auntie Rin, Thank you for all your years of service to the fur babies of Royal Oak and Oakland County, Planet Earth. You have made a difference that cannot be measured. You have done kind acts and devotion, and service in secret, with authenticity and love for the creatures who have crossed your path. You have been gracious and generous beyond what anyone knows. We believe your wonderful deeds will be rewarded back to you for many years.



Customer Feedback

"Auntie Rin's Cat Sitting is the best cat sitter I ever had. I always felt secure knowing that my cat would be cared for by Auntie Rin and that she would treat my cat as if she were her own. And knowing that Auntie Rin had many years working in a vet office and administering meds, and was familiar with the ins-and-outs of cats gave me assurance that I could leave town with no worries. Thank you Auntie Rin." - D.W., Troy, MI

“With the service that you get from her, she should be paid 10 times as much.” Cindy G, Royal Oak, MI

She is the best when taking care of our cats! Excellent & dependable. - Kristine

Auntie Rin is the best cat sitter EVER! - Suzanne

"I highly recommend Auntie Rin's Cat Sitting. My cat is never restless and whiny when I return from trips, so I know that Auntie Rin played with my cat and spent time with her! Thank you so much." - Anonymous

Very attentive, reliable, caring, experienced in medical issues of cats, can give pills, does multi tasks. We can be away from home carefree not worrying about the cats. We’ve had bad experiences with other so-called pet sitters. Have been using this service for years and have only had positive experiences. Highly recommend! - Karen

"Auntie Rin is great. Not only does she leave us a detailed log of my cat's routine, but she even mails us little kitty treats on holidays. Her personal approach lets us know that our kitty is in the best care ever!" - Layla's mom

I’m not sure I could leave town I didn’t know Auntie Rin was on the job! My furry friend needs specialized care, and he gets the best from Auntie Rin. She’s the Cat Whisperer! - Susan

The best!!!! I never worry about my cats with my frequent travel, in fact I believe they are soooooo excited to see her that they could care less if I’m gone. Seriously when your cat-sitter “sits” for your vet there can not be a better recommendation - Janice

Auntie Rin is the best!!! - SY

She does the job right,the first time - Phang

"Thank you Auntie Rin for reliable, expert cat sitting. My strong-willed cat needed eardrops while I was gone, but after I returned, I found that my bossy-cat was now more docile; so I know that you were able to handle her, and even calm her down. Yes, you are the cat whisperer." - Mother of Sassy

"Auntie Rin not only is the perfect cat sitter, but she even gives me advice when I call her about my cat. She has told me how to blend a new cat into our home with another cat. She has an innate sense about cats without a doubt." - Dinny, Oakland County

Rin is a friend to the 4 and 2 legged animals in the house. - Nora

Auntie Rin is wonderful. She adores cats & treats them all with the most gracious care…like her own. (She leaves detailed diary logs for her visits.) She even sends my kitty nice cards on her birthday! And her expertise is rare in a pet sitter due to her background at a vet practice. - Diana

I know that ding-dang and the hidden one are well taken care of with Auntie Rin. - Tribangle

Amazing, best catsitter in the WORLD! - Susan

Rin is simply the BEST cat sitting service I have ever had. I would recommend her to anyone who has to leave their ‘kitties’ for a day or a couple of weeks. My ‘kitties’ seem so well cared for when I come home, it is as if I was not even gone. - Geelinda

My cats would have no other. When we travel, our two cats get the best of treatment! They get to stay at home, get fed as normal and have a good time with Antie Rin! What more could they ask for!!!! Zero stress! Great professional service from a woman that truly loves cats. If you have a cat your cats need Antie Rin when you travel from home. - Gordo

Auntie Rin is the best person to take care of your babies when you can’t take them with you! She’s kind, caring and will treat your cats as though they were members of her own family. Give her the opportunity to show you just how well our pets should be treated. Call her today! - S. Adams

She is the best there is. Caring and knowledgable. - Peggy R.

Aunt Rin is the best and most reliable cat sitter out there! Our cats adore her! - BobKo

Absolutely dependable, totally trustworthy, truly loves every cat she meets, takes care of my cat better than I do, pets, grooms, talks to, you name it! We go away feeling 100% comfortable about our home and our cat. Oh, and she’s very nice too! - Parent of Tiger Crush

We’ve utilized Rinda’s services for our cats for the past few years when we’ve been out of town. It’s clear from her attention to detail that she takes good care of our kitties—she always goes the extra mile and takes an interest in them even when she’s not watching them! I can recommend her without reservation for this award! - Corey H.

Auntie Rin is a unique, rare person in her passion for cats. Truly, caring for cats is her life calling. And all of us, the cats and their "owners" - the ones they live with, are served by Rin's love and commitment. Thank you for looking after the sweet creatures we love, who bless our lives more than we could ever know. - Anonymous

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